Day Trips From Las Vegas

We offer great, fun, and memorable full day and half day trips from Las Vegas that include arranged transportation to and from your location as part of the cost.

Let us take you on some adventure tours of the greatest sights the Vegas area has to offer that are away from the Strip. We guarantee satisfaction, or your money back. That is how confident I am that you will be happy when you join us for one of our Las Vegas day trips.

Please take a look below at the guided hiking tours we offer.

Contact us today to schedule your Las Vegas day trips and we look forward to having an adventure together!

Hiking Difficulty Ratings

Be aware that all of our hikes are no more than moderate by experienced hiker standards, there is no major exposure to potentially death defying falls, no rock climbing or bouldering required.

Altitude is the one “X Factor” which we cannot predict how people will respond, as Las Vegas itself is situated at over 2,000 feet and we go upwards from there.

Most people do not have issues with reasonable altitudes, but the Mt. Charleston “Beat the Heat” hikes are all marked as black diamond only for the reason of the higher altitudes

Easy Walking

Relatively short and not too steep, no altitude above 5,000 feet, no scrambling required (i.e. hands should not be required to use at any point).

Moderate Hiking

A bit longer, some more steep sections, might be a bit of loose rock on the trail and hands possibly required once or twice, but all on a trail or road. No altitude above 6,000 feet.

Challenging Hiking

Due only to altitudes in the 7,000- 8,500 range. If you typically have no issues with fast altitude changes, these are Blue Square in the case of Mary Jane Falls and Cathedral Rock, and Green Circle in the case of Fletcher Canyon.

Lone Mountain - Moderate Hiking

Lone Mountain is a rocky butte northwest of Las Vegas that is detached from the Red Rock National Conservation area. This fun and invigorating hike is only minutes from downtown Las Vegas and is a popular workout spot for locals.

Beat the Heat at Mount Charleston near Las Vegas

Too hot to hike down in the desert near Vegas? No problem! A short forty five minute drive from the center of Las Vegas and we will be hiking in a beautiful Alpine environment where the temperature is an average of 20 degrees cooler than in Las Vegas.

Frenchman Mountain - Moderate Hiking

Frenchman Mountain is the broad, prominent peak forming the eastern boundary of the Las Vegas Valley, the closest mountain to the Strip. The chief interest in climbing the mountain is the fabulous view it offers of Las Vegas.

Nelson Ghost Town - Easy Walking

Nelson Nevada, in the Eldorado Canyon, population 37, is a historical ghost town filled with fascinating remnants of the past, unique artifacts, a gift shop, and a mine that dates to the 1800’s. Rich in gold, silver, copper, and lead during that time, Nelson was the site of one of the largest booms the state of Nevada ever had.