Frenchman Mountain Tours near Las Vegas

Frenchman Mountain near Las Vegas - Breakaway Guided Tours
View of Las Vegas from Frenchman Mountain

Frenchman Mountain is the broad, prominent peak forming the eastern boundary of the Las Vegas Valley, the closest mountain to the Strip. It is a rocky, treeless ridge visible from everywhere in Las Vegas. It is due east of downtown Las Vegas. The photo at left is the view from the summit of Frenchman Mountain.

Frenchman Mountain is often mistakenly referred to as Sunrise Mountain (which is a separate mountain to the north, on the other side of Lake Mead Blvd, North of Frenchman) The chief interest in climbing the mountain is the fabulous view it offers of Las Vegas. From the summit, you can also see Lake Mead on the other side.

The mountain rises about 1500' to 2000' above the surrounding desert. At the top, there are two summits approximately the same height, about 1/4 mile apart.

Moderate Hiking

Experience the Beauty of the Frenchman Mountain Trail

Frenchman Mountain trail offers the reward of an unparalleled view of the entire Las Vegas valley including the strip on one side, and Lake Mead on the other, from a spectacular vantage point at the summit. The trail climbs about 1500 feet of vertical elevation and takes 1-1/2 hours to hike up The best time to hike this is fall, winter, or spring.

Frenchman Mountain View Nevada


  • 4.4 miles / 7.1 kilometers

Elevation Gain:

  • 2139 feet / 651 meters

Summit Elevation:

  • 4055 feet / 1235 meters

Challenge Rating:

  • Moderate to Difficult

Estimated Total Time:

  • 5-6 hours


  • 1 Person- $250
  • 2 people- $350
  • 3 People -$450

Frenchman Mountain Hike

The hike is essentially a steep dirt/gravel road, you must be in good physical condition. If it is a clear day you can see the entire Vegas Strip to the southwest. From Frenchman Mountain looking west is Red Rock and Mount Charleston.

The best time to hike this is fall, winter, or spring. From Frenchman Mountain looking west is Red Rock and Mount Charleston. To the northwest you can see Nellis Air Force Base and farther north the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Keep an eye out for jets taking off and landing at the air base.

Where is Frenchman Mountain?

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