Mary Jane Falls near Mount Charleston

Mary Jane Falls Guided Hiking Tours

The Mary Jane Falls experience should not be missed. The trail and hike are described below. After our hike we will drive three minutes up the road to have lunch at the Mt. Charleston lodge, a wonderful A-Frame rustic lodge sitting at an elevation of 7,000 feet among the juniper and sweet ponderosa pine of Kyle Canyon.

After lunch, we will drive across a beautiful pass to Lee Canyon, check out the ski area there, drive down to a place where if we are lucky we will see wild horses, and then enjoy the beautiful views on the way back down to the valley.

Challenging Hiking

Experience the Beauty of the Mary Jane Falls Trail

The trail travels for a quarter mile through tall ponderosa pines, white fir, aspen, and mountain mahogany. The next one third mile is a slow ascent after which the trail begins a series of switchbacks and rock steps to the base of the falls. Two seasonal springs can be seen cascading down steep terraced cliff walls.

The falls are sometimes dry, but the experience is always great, and the falls are at their most spectacular in early spring when they are flowing at their peak. This trail can be very busy for good reasons, so we start early to avoid crowds.

Mary Jane Falls Guided Hiking Tours

Distance of Hike:

  • 3.1 mile round trip / 5 Kilometers

Elevation Gain:

  • 900 feet / 3274.32

Summit Elevation:

  • 8,400 feet / 2560 meters

Challenge Rating:

  • Moderate (assuming good altitude acclimatization)

Estimated Total Time:

  • 6-7 hours


  • 1 Person - $195
  • 2 people - $370
  • 3 People - $525

Mary Jane Falls Hike

Mary Jane Falls is located in the Spring Mountains National Recreation area, which is part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and better known to locals as Mount Charleston, referring to the larger region.

The trail is a three mile long roundtrip, and is very beautiful. The trail occasionally gets a bit slippery and muddy, so we need to be careful and take our time. This hike can be popular and busy on weekends. The trail gains some significant elevation and the views are spectacular. It is well worth the effort!

Where is Mary Jane Falls?

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