Why Choose Us?

Jordy at Cathedral Rock

Breakaway Guided Tours is the premier provider of very small private tours, usually 1-3 people, in some of the most beautiful areas of Southern Nevada, all within a short drive of Las Vegas. Our tours can be customized to fit your desires, fitness, and experience level, and we focus on fun, quality of the experience, and safety. If you are interested in a tour with four or more people up to twelve people, we can very likely make that happen, please call Dave at 702-321-1611 so we can discuss the details.

We only do private tours to insure that you have a great time without needing to accommodate potentially conflicting needs and desires of others. With us, you will not feel like a number or be lumped in with a bunch of strangers. Many other tour companies herd you around like cattle in a large van with a group of 13 people, which means the tour is made up of multiple smaller groups with different paces, different agendas, potential annoying people, etc. Additionally, there are likely to be numerous pickup locations in that van, taking away from the your precious vacation time. We do not compete by being the cheapest tour, we compete by being the BEST tour.

We’ll move at your pace, take photos and enjoy views when and where you want to. During the tour, we will share our knowledge of the local flora, fauna, geology, and history with you. We never forget that it is your experience and we are simply the guide facilitating a safe, enjoyable, and memorable outing.

Let’s not forget having some fun! We provide a daypack and all the water you can drink and snacks and fresh fruit that you can eat. And we pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or other location. Other than safety, we do not take it all too seriously and like to have a few laughs on our journey!

And last but not least, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your tour for any reason, something no other tour operator offers as far as I am know. So why us? That’s why!